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The Parish Council are pleased to be able to display the following photographs showing historical views of the village

Harvest Home celebrations C1920. The people are gathering outside Pool Farm, then owned by the Baker family, and many are standing around the pond near the site of the Millennuim Garden

A farmer returning home from milking in a horse and trap with his son and dog.

A scene in Lower Road near what is now No 5, probably in about 1920.

Roadmen working on Woolavington Hill again probably in about 1920. Note the steam driven road roller in the background which could have been supplied by Buncombes of Highbridge. The house is now known as No 31 Woolavington Hill and was one of the first on the Hill.

Another Harvest Home. I am not sure of the exact location.

A view of nos 1 and 3 Church Street C1920. Note  the shop at No 1. The properties have since been modernised. There is also a roadside barn, which formed part of Dawbins Farm, where no12 Church Street now stands.

A view looking east along Lower Road from The Batch at Hectorstones. The date is pre 1950 as the bungalow at 14 Lower Road is not built and there is a continuous stone wall where the entrance to Mortimer Close is now located. The outbuilding at 17 Lower Road has recently been rebuilt as a garage with living accommodation above. Also note the large elm trees beyond 12 Lower Road which fell victim to dutch elm disease in the 1970s.