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The Parish Council has been working closely with the young people of the Flare Youth Club to improve the facilities in the Lower Playing Field. The play equipment dates back to 1972 in one case and is all now at least 10 years old and looks tired, outdated and uninteresting. A number of items are also coming to the end of their life and will soon become a maintenance burden.

The young people met with some play equipment providers and came up with lots of ideas for new equipment. The top priority was for a goal/basketball facility where games could be played safely away from the wall of the village hall. A quotation from Sutcliffe Play South West was chosen and grant applications were submitted during the autumn. In late January the Parish Council had confirmation that grants of over 80% of the total cost of £11,814.00 were available, the biggest being a grant of over £9,000 from Sedgemoor District Council gained from developers' contributions throughout the Polden Hills area.

Work started during late March and was completed just before Easter.