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People may have noticed that a number of our neighbouring parishes have arranged for their historic fingerpost direction signs to be restored.

Somerset County Council ceased maintaining these signs a few years ago as part of their cost cutting exercise and they are now showing signs of decay with areas of rust disfiguring the arms.

There are four historic fingerpost signs in Woolavington which are believed to date back to the late 1940s. The pictures show each of the signs before work commenced and again in their dismantled state.


Church Street

Higher Road

Sedgemoor Road

The signs were dismantled by a specialist company and taken to their yard near Wells in late January to be stripped of all the layers of paint and treated for the rust. They will then be repainted in the original colours and returned in the Spring.

The Parish Council are very grateful to the CPRE through the Hinkley Point Community Fund for agreeing a grant towards the cost of this work