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This young person has been a member of FLARE from the beginning and fully engages with the club both in activities and also in helping with their organisation. This person is always willing to help a new club member to settle in, to feel included and ensure that FLARE is a welcoming environment for them to be in. This person is able to see if a younger member is feeling left out or finding it hard to join in and will be there to lend support and bring them into the group.

This young person will help with the setup and pack away of the equipment and is also willing to ensure the environment is clean and tidy at the end of the session.

FLARE has needed, on many occasion, leaflets, posters, newsletters, plans to be designed and implemented, this young person has always been there willing to step in and spend time ensuring that these are done to a high quality.

FLARE Youth Group encourages the older members of the club to become 'Young Leaders’ This group will come up with ideas for the club, plan them and implement them. They also play an important part in the running of the club, not least by setting a good example of behaviour and attitude to the rest of the young people. This young person is an outstanding example of what a 'Young Leader’ is all about.

This young lady has always been willing to use her time to aid the club not only in designing club media but also attending meetings of the Parish Council to deliver reports. She has also walked younger members home after the end of a club session when needed to.

The Parish Council feel that this young person embodies what this award is about and allows the community to see that the youth of the village is an important part of the community.

The Young Citizen of the Year for 2017 is Hannah Baker


The photo shows Hannah being presented with her trophy by the Chairman of the Parish Council, Alan Sharp.