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The Parish Council have recently received numerous complaints from local residents regarding the condition of the "red sections" along Woolavington Hill where the surface is disintegrating. The concerns increased following an accident involving a cyclist who managed to get his front wheel caught in a deep groove in the centre of the carriageway whilst passing a parked vehicle. Fortunately the cyclist was not seriously hurt.

The Parish Council can confirm that the condition of these areas has been reported to Somerset County Council Highways Department and they have responded as follows:-

"The reported section of road has been inspected and although it is not deemed to be a safety defect, it has now been added to a patching programme.

This work should be done within the next 3 months".

The "red sections" were resurfaced in early July but it is uncertain if the red coating and sloe markings will be reinstated. The Parish Council will continue to monitor the situation.