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This year's Cryptic Place Names Competition relates to Cities and Large Towns in England and Wales. To win £20 all you have to do is to write your answers on a piece of paper with your name and address and hand it in at the Village Hall on the day of the Show, 19th August before 3.00 p.m.

Some are easy but a few may be more difficult - the person with most right will win and in the event of a tie - a draw will be made.

1) A large bird in front of water;

2) Large harbours and part of the human body;

3) Which? - a Focus, Mondeo or Fiesta?

4) Sounds like something for walking dogs;

5) Seaside bay plus part of the way in;

6) False hair before half of a Queen;

7) Modern harbour;

8) Moving air in front of part of a minor ailment;

9) Sounds like a cook before an enclosure of land;

10) Sounds like a fuel, then part of the body followed by the Queen's initials;

11) Stale type of meat?

12) A dark small area of water;

13) A horse race or sporting match between local teams;

14) Naval ships before a small forest;

15) Mr Andre before an old name for a town;

16) Mr Bradman plus a type of sugar;

17) A motor vehicle before half a famous sugar firm;

18) Modern fortification;

19) A famous fictional village follows one letter;

20)  Looks like studying text