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The Chairman of the Parish Council, Alan Sharp, presenting Ella Rossiter with her award as the 2015 Young Citizen of the Year

This is a new award introduced to recognize the youth in the village and what they do for the village. It is said that we should look after the young people - after all they are the next generation, the one which will take over from us. By introducing awards such as this it not only helps the community to recognize the value of its youth but also helps the young person to recognize their own value.

A copy of the citation for Ella as read out just prior to the presentation follows

"This young lady has always been willing to help with the Flare Youth Club. Many times the youth club has been asked to help deliver flyers around the village to advertise various village events. Each time this person has volunteered to help, even when it has been raining. She got involved with planning the new play area and the upcoming youth shelter. With Flare Youth Group, she has helped to set up a Facebook page, keep the tuck shop in order and help with various activities we put on. She has even stayed behind to help tidy up"