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CLASS                             1st                                2nd                      3rd

1  POTATOES              S. Rose                      G. Thompson              R. Bain

2  RUNNER BEANS   Mrs E. Hopkins         P. Matthews                J.D. Young

3  SHALLOTS              P. Matthews              R. Bain

4  CUCUMBER            Mrs E. Hopkins         G. Dobson                  Mrs S. Purchase      

5  ONIONS (sets)         R. Bain                      C. Williams                  V. Hunt

6  CARROTS               G. Thompson             V. Hunt                       C. Matthews            

7  TOMATOES            P. Matthews               Mrs C. Matthews        Mrs E. Hopkins

8  BEETROOT             C. Williams                S. Rose                      G. Thompson

9  MARROW               R. Bain                       S. Rose                      Mrs J. Boyer                   

10 VEG in BOX           Mrs B. Smith            R. Loveless            Mrs C.Matthews                                                      

11 APPLES (dessert)    Mrs S. Chidgey         R. Loveless                 Mrs E. Jones

12 APPLES (cooking)   T. Haggett                R. Loveless                  J.D. Young

13 SWEET PEAS         Mrs S. Young            Mrs C. Matthews        P. Matthews

14 DAHLIAS               Mrs E. Hunt               Mrs J. Granville          Mrs M. Retford

16 GLADIOLI             Mrs S. Corp                Mrs M. Retford          Mrs D. Williams           

17 ROSE                       Mrs E. Hopkins         Mrs M. Retford           Mrs S. Young

18 ROSE HT                 Mrs S. Young            Mrs E. Hopkins          Mrs M. Retford

19 ASTERS                  Mrs B. Dobson           T. Haggett                 

20 GARDEN FLOWERS Mrs E. Hopkins         Mrs J. Granville          Mrs E. Hunt

21 POT PLANT            Mrs J. Warren            Mrs E. Hopkins         


22 JAM/PRESERVES   Mrs M. Branch         Mrs D. Williams         S. Givens  

23 CARROT CAKE      Mrs T. Hemms          R.J. Raymond            Mrs D. Williams

24 VICTORIA SPONGE Mrs D. Cudlipp        Mrs D. Williams         Mrs E. Hunt             

25 APPLE CAKE          Mrs C. Riley             Mrs M. Branch           Mrs D. Williams

26 SCONES                   R. Yeoman               Mrs D. Williams       Mrs D. Cudlipp


27 PHOTOGRAPHY     Mrs M. Branch        Mrs M. Retford          Mrs T. Hemms

28 PAINTING                Mrs G. Farler            R. Yeoman                 J. Farler

29 FLORAL CRAFT     Mrs D. Cudlipp        J. Coombes                 Mrs B. Smith          

30 HANDICRAFT         Mrs T. Hemms         Mrs S. Purchase          Mrs P. Griffen      

31 HANDMADE CARD  Mrs L. Salter         Mrs S. Young             J. Farler                  


32 GARDEN IN SEED TRAY U10  Jack Retford  Amelia Mitchell

33 GARDEN IN SEED TRAY O10 Sophie Pearn         

34 HANDWRITING U10         Leigh Ann Ireland   Jazmine Coles        Mollie Young   

35 HANDWRITING O10           Sophie Pearn

36 CUP CAKES                 Alesha Hewart           Mollie Young           Jack Retford 

37 RECYCLED  ITEM            Jude Picton          Jack Retford             Jazmine Coles  

38 POSY                            Mollie Young        Jessica Bowkett         Jazmine Coles                       

Cup for most points in the Show – Eve Hopkins

Cup for most points in the Domestic Classes – Debbie Williams

Best entry in the Children’s Classes – Leigh-Ann Ireland – Handwriting